For the last two decades, Nicoletta has graced the New York pop/rock music scene with her powerful, instantly recognizable vocals and her ultra-catchy, distinctly relatable original music.

Throughout her career, Nicoletta has performed on countless stages in front of thousands of people, including the famed Dodger Stadium where she sang the national anthem for 40,000 people. Back in 2007, she found success on Myspace with her alternative/rock songs collectively reaching well over 100,000 plays. Although Nicoletta had never officially released her original rock songs from that era, she would receive continual messages from followers for over a decade begging her to release them. In 2016, Nicoletta made the switch to writing and recording pop tracks, and since then, she has tugged on our heartstrings with her deeply emotional single, “Never Get Enough,” shortly after she reminded us that flying solo ain’t so bad with her rock-inspired, anthemic pop track, “Single Life,” which has recently gained traction on TikTok, and in 2021 transported us to another planet with her epic, soulful dance track, “Cosmic Love.” Fast forward to 2022, after years of experimenting with all genres, she had an epiphany: her heart still fully belonged to rock music. She granted the wish of many and dove head first into the studio re-recording and releasing the highly anticipated “Melt My Plastic Heart”. A high energy, emotional rock track that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs and pour your heart out. Although rock music is her first love, Nicoletta has found enviable success in the EDM world as a vocalist and topliner. She is currently working on her rock album, all the while collaborating with EDM producers and DJs all over the world.

“I had this moment of realization that I love and identify most with rock music, and I knew I couldn't live with myself if I didn't see that through. Over the years, people from my Myspace days would find me on social media or leave comments on my YouTube videos telling me how much they love my old rock songs and how much they want to hear them again. These instances of outreach from listeners were so aligned with my breakthrough of going back to my pop punk roots, and it just felt like it was meant to be.”


New & Upcoming Releases

Nicoletta’s new single, “Cosmic Love,” drops June 22, 2021 and will be available on all streaming platforms! “Cosmic Love” is a high-energy dance track with a Mediterranean feel, dreamy vocals, and an infectious beat that you just can’t help but move to. Now that the world’s opening up and the stress of the last year is in the rearview mirror, “Cosmic Love” will make the perfect addition to your playlist as you go out, dance, and enjoy life!  On the other end of the sonic spectrum, Nicoletta’s next single, “Strangers,” is a mid-tempo, pop-driven track that will draw you in with its tasteful R&B undertones and catchy hook.