Bio: As a little girl music touched her heart, and fed her soul. A third grader running around her Long Island home impersonating Steven Tyler and Alanis Morissette, standing on the coffee table performing moves from Diana Ross and The Supremes. Nicoletta has an unbreakable bond with music.   Throughout her experiences, classically trained singer, songwriter, guitarist, Nicoletta developed her own unique style of music infusing Pop and Rock. Her playful and down to earth nature helped balance her tenacious work ethic. The evolution of Nicoletta created a sound that leaves her audience with a true and inventive musical experience.   "I am as honest and straight forward as possible with my music. I’m a beast when it comes to work. I want my music to inspire the “beast" in everyone.”   By age 20 Nicoletta was immersed in numerous songwriting projects developing tween web-born artists; all the while demoing vocals for renowned vocalists Christina Aguilera, Rhianna and DJ Premiere. Nicoletta recalls how it all started, “Since I was a child, I have always been so in love with music and passionate about singing. I have been singing my whole life, but I would only sing under my breath when I was around other people. I was in my early teens when a close friend literally forced me to stop being so shy, AND JUST SING! So I did, and my alter ego was born.”   In 2014, Nicoletta performed the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA for 40,000 people. She has since then released multiple singles including her most recent, “Never Get Enough”, with platinum producer Rob Freeman (Gym Class Heroes), and continues to perform all over the East Coast.   Nicoletta is currently in the studio working on her brand new anticipated album that she describes as “Sassy and straightforward”. The sound will perfectly infuse Rock and Pop. It is expected to be released in late fall 2016.